Meyer Motoren - Immer die richtige Wahl
  40 years of rebuilding engines
  Made in Germany with tradition
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Teilkomplettmotor (Diesel)

Meyer Motoren makes his traditional brand DURUS Motoren from April 2015 to revive

As early as 1979 sales Werner Meyer replacement engines under the brand name DURUS Motoren. This traditional brand name was after the use of the brand name Meyer Motoren used until the mid-80s. (history)

DURUS Motoren was already at that time with his Latin name for persevering, strong, powerful, and ultimately for quality reconditioned engines in exchange.

The brand DURUS Motoren used in the future in the first step for our commercial engines and engines that do not bear the RAL-GZ 797 characters.

With DURUS Motoren, we close the gap for engines that we could not previously offer. Thus, our customers can take advantage of your sales and service experience with Meyer Motoren for the brand DURUS Motoren. DURUS Motoren come from a European production of our longterm partners and are subjected before dispatch handover control in our home.

Basically, these motors are supplied by us with a warranty of 12 months. However, it is possible to extend the service and warrantee scope to 24 months with an optional fee based service package for our customers.

The DURUS Motoren are not currently available through our online catalog. You must make your request by phone, fax or email, with the vehicle data to us. We will send you immediately to an offer. Our offer is always based on the best current price.

Core engines values and core engines settlement in line with previous data and processing routes such as our product Meyer Motoren.