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Variety of types / construction stage

The expanding range of types of vehicles does not allow to consider all construction stages from all enines. The engine replacement buyer has the obligation to instruct the workshop, which is responsible for the installation of the replacement engine, to take over relevant parts from the old engine for minor differences or replace it with appropriate new ones.

This applies in particular for the following items:

    - Valve cover
    - Pulleys
    - Oil filter bracket
    - Intake/exhaust manifold
    - Water pump
    - Oil sump
    - e.g.

Installation instructions

Basically at installation the requirements of the vehicle manufacturers have to be observed. Please also note additional installation instructions attached to our engines.

All of the used engine re-use parts have to be carefully cleaned, checked for proper operation and replaced if necessary.

This concerns in particular:

    - Ignition
    - Carburetor or fuel injection
    - Intake and exhaust system
    - Air filtration system
    - Oil cooler
    - Cooling system
    - Turbocharger oil lines including
    - Charge air cooler
    - e.g.

In addition at short blocks :

    - Oil pump
    - Oil ducts
    - Oil sump
    - Cylinder head
    - Control parts
    » Use new gaskets, oil filter, timing belt and tensioners !

After installation :

Adjust engine according to the data specified by the vehicle manufacturer.

Break-in instructions

Our remanufactured replacement engines are manufactured using the latest repair procedures. Therefore, no special break-in required. In your own interest, we recommend you to go first with varying speeds, without the accelerator pedal fully pass therethrough. Especially in the warm-up phase, the engine should not be operated at increased speed. Extremely heavy loads should be avoided during the first period as well, such as speeds or trailer towing. The engine will thank you with a long life.

For technical support please contact our service team !