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The history of the company

Final assembly On 27 July 1976 the current Werner Meyer Motoreninstandsetzungen GmbH & Co. KG was founded initially as a sole proprietor of the car mechanic master, Werner Meyer. The aim was to remanufacture engines with high quality, to distribute them on the free spare parts market and thus making the brand accessible to independent repairers. As a manufacturing facility a vacant part of an old sewing machine factory in Bleckede on the Elbe was used.
During the first years the sale of products was carried out by a commercial agent. He sold the engines to predominantly wholesalers in the Frankfurt area. The products were well accepted by the market, so that in the following years more and more wholesalers added our products in their sales programs. As part of this growth, the production was extended for the first time and Meyer Motoren established a sales company based in Frankfurt. This was an independent companywhich sold the engines under the trademark "DURUS". Installation 1976
Processing 1981 In relation with some reorganization in 1981, the sales and distribution company was dissolved and from that time organized by the company itself. On the basis of existing contacts with wholesalers, the company has retained the distribution policy and continued to sell the engines only throughout the free replacement parts wholesalers. The customer base was taken over and the products from that time are offered under the still valid trademark "Meyer Motoren".
In the 80s the company continued to grow and gained other wholesalers as customers. In the early '90s Stahlgruber Otto Gruber GmbH & Co. KG become our which is the largest customer of the company until today. From this point on, the products of Meyer Motoren for the first time become available nationwide throughout Germany. This situation triggered a strong growth, which required significant structural expansion and modernization of the company. First fairs
Installation today In the 1990's the market of automobile spare parts changed because the wholesalers formed some larger collaborations and acquired smaller dealers. During this time, the company succeeded in establishing itself as a reliable partner of the independent automotive spare parts trade and gain several new traders and cooperations as customers. The number of employees increased steadily adapted to the specific needs from four employees to the current level of approximately 70 employees.
Since the start of operations, all corporate expansions and upgrades are performed on the same site. This favorable conditions allowed the company to achieve growth without having to relocate. This particular situation has meant that many members of staff belong to the company for many years. The experience and know-how of these employees made the company to what it is today: Cylinder head overhaul today

One of the largest independent motor remanufacturers for car engines in Europe!