Meyer Motoren - Immer die richtige Wahl
  40 years of rebuilding engines
  Made in Germany with tradition
Die Mitarbeiter
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What does the company want ?

Meyer Motors sees its products as an alternative to original equipment (OE), the replacement engine of the original manufacturer, and attempts to bridge the gap between the OE and the engine repair shops. The price level of a remanufactured replacement engine is between original spare parts and repaired engines. The quality of the remanufacturedengine is the same as original spare parts, which is underlined by the two-year warranty with unlimited mileage.

The company's products will enable independent garages to be able to fix an engine failure with high quality at low costs to present themselves as a true alternative to brand repair shop.

What speaks for Meyer Motoren ?

Certainly the timely and efficient repair of engines or the replacement through a used engine has its financial incentive. However, everyone should be aware of that a timely and efficient repair is often only a solution in the short view. The risk of another injury during the remaining useful life of the vehicle must always be taken into consideration. So it can happen quickly, that a second repair of a used engine already exceeds the cost of an "orderly" installation of a replacement engine, and thus it is ultimately more expensive.

When purchasing a used engine there is always the risk of another failure. With a Meyer-Motoren engine you are on a safe side because of the two-year warranty and the good service of our employees.

With this philosophy Meyer Motoren has become market leader in Germany for remanufactured engines, which are sold as an alternative to the OE engine over the free spare parts wholesaler to brand unbound repair shops, .