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The overhauled replacement engine

The optimization of production processes in the automotive industry means that the vehicles are technically complex and expensive. However, they are also more valuable and become more stable, especially. Nevertheless, engine failures are not uncommon, often caused by faulty maintenance, or excessive wear.

In this context terms such as motor replacement, reconditioned engine or replacement engine are often used. Many companies put their definition of often very individual and confusing for the customer.

The quality directive RAL-GZ 797 is the only existing standard in Germany, which clearly defines the scope of generally overhauled motors. Back in 1979, Meyer Motorenhas gained membership in the GMIQuality assurance association of engine repair companies and since then produced continuously and exclusively after this quality standard. The annual audits and periodic special audits by the GMI prove the strict adherence to quality requirements of the RAL Quality Directive RAL-GZ 797. 

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Aim in the motor remanufaturing is to put the engine into the original technical condition in order to help the engine to a whole new life. Prerequisite for high quality implementation of this work is to maintain a well-defined performance standards. The quality and testing of the RAL-GZ 797 and compliance are the best guarantee that the customer can receive.