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Enigine remanufaturing
Quality assurance
RAL-GZ 797

The institution RAL_Logo

RAL has become to a term of order and labels in more than 75 years.

Some known RAL Quality Mark are for example, the label of 'RAL colors' and 'Blue Angel'. An overview can be found on the homepage of the 'RAL German Institute for Quality Assurance and Certification'.

Quality and inspection specifications for the engine remanufacturing

These Quality and Inspection Specifications include any type of repair of internal combustion engines - from the single motor repair parts to complete overhaul of the engine - with the aim of the specified properties and characteristics of the engine to be restored.

Combustion engines require no less attention in the repair and expertise than in manufacturing. The choice of the persons involved and the use of machinery and materials needs special care. The technical state of the company and the knowledge of the employees always has to be adapted to the development of engines, processing and environmental fit.

For proper execution of quality assured engine remanufacturings, the following facilities have to be available:

– Cleaning systems, which are generally suitable to properly clean engine parts in all areas of all kinds of dirt,

– Effluent treatment plants, which are generally suitable for securing separate material flows and the applicable limits for waste water discharges be reliably maintained,

– Waste collecting containers and requirements within the enterprise to ensure the separate collection and storage and proper disposal of different waste types,

– Cylinder boring machine,

– Cylinder honing machine,

– Horizontal boring machine or device for the processing of the main bearing basic bores,

– Connecting rod boring machine and honing machine for processing the connecting rod bearings counterbores,

– Connecting rod cover grinding machine,

– Connecting rods, aligning devices, connecting rods-scale,

– Surface grinding or milling machine,

– Column or radial drilling machine,

– Steel grinding and lapping machine,

– Hydraulic press,

– Turning lathe,

– Straightedge,

– Valve seat processing machine,

– Valve cone, turning or grinding machine,

– Devices for shrinking the valve seat inserts and valve guides (preheating and subcooling),

– Electromagnetic crack tester,

– Hardness tester,

– Spring force-measuring device,

– Engine test stand during repairs of complete engines, with the possibility to test power, speed, fuel consumption, oil pressure, CO content in gasoline engines, diesel engines smoke screen, the capacity range of the test stand must be adjusted to the main production program,

– Measurement tools for internal and external diameter with a minimum accuracy of 0.005 mm (internal precision measuring instrument, micrometer),

– Torque wrench and angle degree wheel,

– Cylinder head crack tester and data readout device (scan tool) for engine control units.