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We stand straight for our quality !

Meyer Motoren operates at the highest level of product recycling. Production is subject to strict quality control. Our employees are constantly trained and the plant is always adapted to technical progress. During the processing extensive material tests are carried out. In addition, the engines undergo a test run after installation on their own. The repair of an engine is in contrast to the original manufacturing process more complex and has a significant part of manual work. Therefore quality problems during installation or operation of the engine never really can be excluded even in the most thorough verification and compliance. If you therefore have difficulty with any of our products, our service team is happy to help and support. Nevertheless, or perhaps because of, the quality of the products is Meyer Motoren's highest priority. For this reason our products are subject to a warranty period of 24 months.

Inspection free of charge

Meyer Motoren checks the cause of the error in the case of defects in the replacement engine or cylinder head by order of the buyer or the installing workshop 24 months from date of installation at no costs. The cost of transportation will be taken even if we are not responsible for the error.

Prerequisite for the payment of expenses for transportation and verification by us is that

1. the buyer or repairer as agent of the buyer informing us about the inaccuracy,

2. we can organize the transport of the engine in our workshop and the review itself and

3. the buyer has to immediately cut out the installation card of the engine card from the service book and causes it to be filled out by the workshop and return it to us.

Delivery of a replacement engine without prior notice to us is not permitted.

While a decision on the cause of inaccuracy is pending any of the replacement parts haved to be stored and provided us with the purpose of verification.