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Here's how it works ... !


After recording and verification of old parts, the engine completly disassembled. All wearing parts such as pistons, bearings, seals and filters are not used again. The reprocessed parts are cleaned in special facilities.


This is followed by the identification, damage control and storage of motor parts in their proper place. And small parts such as for example oil pumps, valve covers or vacuum pumps are worked up.


The core components of an engine such as crankcase, crankshaft, connecting rods, camshafts and cylinder heads are machined to match the shape and surface quality of new parts. All parts are inspected for cracks. Valves and seat inserts can be processed and replaced as needed. The bearings of the camshafts and crankshafts are machined on special grinding machines. The waning of the grinding process journal diameter of the bearings can be compensated with oversize bearing shells. Generally speaking, what can not be refurbished so that it corresponds to a new part will be renewed! The diesel fuel injection pumps are also remanufactured:


After cleaning and subsequent quality control of the processed engine parts, the assembly of the engine starts. Each engine goes through a test run after the assembly on its own. After receiving a final inspection the engine is ready.

Our quality standard !


All operations that are described herein take place at Meyer Motoren in accordance with the strict requirements of the RAL-GZ 797 test guidelines. So the highest level of quality assurance is guaranteed. The customer can therefore trust that products will be processed in accordance with these guidelines. Meyer Motoren products are therefore a real economic alternative to the original exchange engines from the original vehicle manufacturers.